You are fast. Faster than you thought. Driving like mad in a highway. Lots of lightening. Huge wind. Flashing colors, coming from yellow to orange and red. Big drops of the refreshing rain on a window. You do not care. You are in hurry. In rush. For something different. Something new. Hungry for novelties. Thirsty for innovations mixed with the sense of fashion, design, art, creativity. You feel that it is never enough. Need to discover, explore, loose and find, to mix and invent, build and destroy. Like in a game.
Life is a game. So play it fair.

Looking back to 2015 is like scrolling the pages of the album: feel the curiosity, want to express the harmony of joy and hardworking, but at the same time trembling fingers remind the moments when just a teamwork helped to fulfill the visions and reach the goals.
That’s LNFA – we live through networking, fashion & arts.
Feel passionate about combinations of the undiscovered compounds, eager to reach the tops of the snowy mountains with a good taste, sense of humor, flexibility and unification of creativity and artistic spirit. Breathing and spreading upcoming trends, globalized attitudes and formation of the unique individualities.

Sevil Uguz mit Gin Adomaityte, Samuel Acebey, Lexi Hell und Sarah Sharks

Asking yourself thousand questions is one of the key features of intelligence and courage. Being brave to face the reality and develop the strategies, improve the ways of accomplishing the projects and refine the communication results in cooperation with an interaction with the clients, customers, opinion leaders and even the outsiders. Giving the questions to the partners, competitors, cooperators and team members leads to the success. It is reachable. You can grab it and pack it in your favorite color paper. If you work for that.

Gratitude comes with the satisfaction and joy ribbons flying in the air. Smelling like vanilla mixed with the cardamom and peppermint. Never discovered? Try to breathe it in! Working with Holy Trinity, Sennheiser, Paperblanks, Absolut Vodka, Luctra, Frau Tonis Parfum, Mampe Berlin, BRLO, Kusmi Tea, Aveda, Berliner Winter, The Barn, Juice Dudes, Gadget Store, P&T has broaden the horizons and services limits, pushed to the maximum with a spice of versatility and multi-functionality. Shaking the hand and taking off the hat for each of you!

Try to guess: who did grow up rapidly without the rain? Not that hard, put 4 letters in your mind. LNFA – team who puts all the efforts to bring the fashion, art, design to higher level through living in networking tonus. During almost two years it was awarded as one of the top 10 stores in the world ( , represented as the shop of a week on Fashion TV (, captured in Vogue, Textil Wirtschaft and Jolie Runway. Sharing the words, putting them into the stories brought to an idea to produce a movie for Istanbul Fashion Film Festival. No confusion: fashion does not exist as a separate industry isolated from others as XXI century shows how the industries interconnect and re-connect.

What’s next? You nod your head and open the eyes wide to listen up. Move the fingers around the neck and expect to continue the journey. There is a place for you, your fellows and heroes. We will talk, share, listen and hear out each other, overwhelm and suddenly stop. Laugh till tears, surprise and open the minds, hearts and hands. To fill it with higher expectations, bigger dreams, more complex projects. Let us be the inspiration, perspiration and justification at once.

Be mad. Be You. Live through networking, fashion and art.

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