Why fashion is business and business is art?

Unstoppable discussions about the phenomena existing in the societies are the key engines which stimulate creative thinking, capacity to update the mind and share the insights in order to re-organize or re-create what is already done. Once Ralph Lauren has stated: “I don’t design clothes, I design dreams”. Trying to understand the concept of fashion industry can be extremely dubious because of “inside and outside” positions. Do we eager to create the clothes that are the piece of art without a practical aspect or it is ultimately huge mechanism with a huge power to force the consumerism and generate revenues?

The standard of fashion which brings the change is uncontested. Change in season, temperature, weather and suitable fabrics. Variation in trends, societal habits, beliefs, values and perception of beauty and body. All these alterations show that fashion is highly diverse in the pragmatic and mental levels: shifting from natural to society shaped modifications. Transformation and changes are equally necessary for art and business: revealing public opinion, satisfying the needs and building up the dreams, fantasies and wishes that could be fulfilled by looking at the piece of art or getting a new product.

XXI century sometimes is called a golden time of entrepreneurs. Connecting separate industries and unifying the activities, searching for the crossing points and establishing something brilliantly new and astonishing. So-called “Boom of Entrepreneurship” reached fashion industry as well: new study programs for designers and fashion managers, workshops for fashion amateurs and professionals, scientific and dilettante books and magazines, novel strategies and analysis of customers’ habits. Loud applauses: the artistic spirits opened themselves and started to work hand by hand with the PR agencies, branding specialists, advertising and communication companies to maintain and develop the creative processes and, finally, bring it to the next level. Art meets business and business meets art.

The ability to identify a new opportunity and develop the resource base needed to pursue the opportunity is a core attribute of successful fashion entrepreneurship. Obviously, each opportunity should be perceived as a significant chance to make a change not only in mental, but also in pragmatic level. To push the limits, be the alchemist who manages to crystallize the creative ideas, visions into the qualitative products and let fashion be the art and business at once.

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