“I was born and raised in Berlin, got toughened in Moscow and polished in Paris“ – presents herself Esther Perbandt, one of the most outstanding fashion designers in Berlin fashion scene. Fashion is a wearable art which highlights strong personalities and presents invidualities out of any rules or frames. Black and white moody SOLANUM AW16 collection, artistic Radialsystem V location, live Sven Helbig music, mysterious Sasha Waltz & Guests dancers, characteristic and charming models reflect Esther Perbandt way to dress and create the show which remains in mind and soul.

Esther Perbandt – Solanum

Contemporary society and its complexities continue to push individuals from the norm or mainstream. Art, fashion and technologies connect for classics, minimalism, aesthetics, clarity and individualism symphony. Let it play and reach those who are lost, eager to find, grow and develop, share, create and connect for inspiring breathtaking moment.

German designer presents her personality as a big music fan. Successful cooperation with one of the biggest technologies and music companies Raumfeld accomponies to the full concept at Solanum AW16 runway show. Clemens Rumpf, Senior Manager Product Marketing of Raumfeld, foresees the synergy between music and fashion by emphasizing: „Both music and fashion are a statement of our individual identity and a statement of the situational affectivity. We are dressing and listening to music to express ourselves, to emphasize our happiness or our mourning and other feelings.“

Even though there are no dissucions about fashion connection with other lifestyle attributes, Clemens easily explains the great combination of Raumfeld and Esther Perbandt brands. „Berlin is full of ideas that have come true, you see it everywhere around. All of these people have a strong vision of their work with a high addiction to details. Esther Perbandt is one of those minds. Raumfeld’s evolution is based on that, too. And I think Raumfeld and Esther have a very similar approach when it comes to authenticity, design, and love for details: Raumfeld is putting a lot of effort and passion into bringing several dimensions in one product. And we are suffering regularly to get there, I can tell you.“

Looking at the fashion with the high quality expectations and willigness to connect few dimensions is what brings Esther and Raumfeld further: 3rd season with fashion, art, music and technologies together. Fashion for sound and sound for fashion. Listen with your mind and heart opened for exploration and discovery.

© photography by Birgit Kaulfuss

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